Frequently Asked Questions

Find common answers to the common questions asked about our services.

Having problems installing EncryptedVPN? Here's a list of issues you could be having:
- Can't open the application? your firewall could be stopping the application from starting, to fix this simply disable while it's installing or disable your anti-virus
- Can't find the download link to our client? Merely locate to your user panel and click on the download section, after clicking the download button our client will start to download, once downloaded open the program as an administrator and follow the instructions.
Anything else that could be stopping the application from starting can be fixed, just open a support ticket or email us directly.

Can't log in to your account on the website or client? Follow these steps:
- Firstly try to remember what you set your password and try logging in, if you account has been jacked then follow these steps:
- Firstly, email a member of our staff with your username and your email, secondly try to inform us who might have stolen the account and we will reset your password.
Still can't get into your account? Make a support ticket to contact a member of staff by email.

Cant access the client or getting an error? follow these steps:
- This issue is usually seen when you have a firewall that is blocking the application from contacting the VPN, and tends to not give any notification. The easiest way to fix this issue is to disable your firewall and it should work. Another route would be to add exceptions, but we will not go into detail on this at this point. If you are using a VPN, we assume you know how to do this.

Getting slow speeds or not average speeds? Follow these steps:
- This is a common issue found on a lot of PC's to fix this you usually can disconnect and reconnect if it still occurs the server you currently are connecting to may be overloaded with people so you might need to change server for a while. If this issue still happens, it might be because our encryption method is slowing down your uplink connection. We can fix this by changing the encryption bit to 248bit instead of 2048bit.

If your problem has not been solved, please forward an email to us, you can find our contact information on the contact tab.

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